The start

I've slowly grown to become a wedding planner throughout my life.

Born into a big family, with lots of love, and lots of food. My travel adventures & handy work with my dad, my acquired artistic gene & inspiration from my mom, and my creativity from my sister  -  are only a few significant things that have put me on the path of becoming a planner.

The idea started when I was asked to co-plan a wedding - this would also be the first wedding I've ever attended (as long as you don't count a wedding I attended when I was 7). That didn't stop it from being one of the most beautiful and successful weddings in the books. I was inspired by everything from the mystical light shining through the cracks of the barn walls to the vintage porcelain plates. This wedding stole my heart, as each one there after would. With my love for design, planning, and coordinating it was a no-brainer.

There's a mystery to inspiration - how it's obtained and how we hold on to it. I have always gravitated towards big ideas and pushed to make it happen. Elizabeth Gilbert mentions in her book Big Magic, the key to inspiration is once you have an idea you must commit to it fully, you promise that idea that you will fight against it and never abandon it, but will only cooperate with it to the utmost of your ability, until the work together is done. 

Just like the commitment to ideas, I make the same commitment to you. I promise to be there from the beginning 'til the end, bring in new ideas and inspiration, and to make sure every detail is perfected to the best of my ability. 



FACTS about me


I love plants & always have fresh flowers around. 

I love having dinner parties with good company and good wine.

I've visited 18 countries, 29 states, & still counting.  

I love craft projects and working with my hands -  I'm a DIY type girl. 

I try to be creative in every aspect of my life. 

I adore all animals and am a dog-mom to a very lovable and energetic pitbull.

My favorite TV shows are Stranger Things, This Is Us & Game of Thrones.

I snowboard in the Winter, bike in the Spring, paddle board in the Summer & hike in the Fall.

I tear up at every wedding.

My last name is Lemenager (pronounced lemon-age-er, OR le-mena-je in French), which is how I came up with Everlemon Events :)